About Us

The fleetology difference

At Fleetology , we value relationships as the foundation of success- with our carriers, shippers and brokers. Our Relationships are built on trust, integrety, honesty and respect. We Look forward to assisting owner operators increase their top line revenue, gross profits , while decreasing the back office workload that decreases productivity. Our team has over 35+ years of experience working in various aspects of logistics to include freight brokering, port logistics , national dedicated fleet management, and military logistics .


As a personal, dedicated and exclusive dispatcher we believe in developing lasting relationships by getting to know our clients on a personal basis and building a great relationship with them.


We believe it is vital that shippers, brokers, you and us are in a healthy strong relationship. We will manage these business relationships exceeding all customer service expectations.


Unlike, other dispatch company’s that are inclusive and take any client, at any time, for any reason, at Fleetology Truck Dispatch we believe in the great value of being exclusively available only to our clients.


This exclusivity allows us to provide availability, dependability, consistency, organization, stability, and loyalty securing a successful prosperous relationship, we are all in ~are you?

Our Mission

We have the vision to spearhead every mile and every road. We do not want to become a regular dispatch company. Instead, we aim to eliminate all kinds of concerns about running any truck company for all our small fleets and owner-operators. Prime motive of our company is to work hard for all the truck companies so that we can provide them end-to-end solutions depending on their requirements. We assure a meticulous job for the assets of their company, drivers, and their end-clients. We endeavor to grow with our customers so that they can earn profits along with us.

Our Vision

The core mission of our company is to offer assistance to all the trucking companies irrespective of their size. For all the small companies we work to grow their business, we want to ensure more trucks in their fleet so that they can stand in this industry without any pressure. We help trucking companies by keeping our fees low and by micromanaging every task that we get. We have reputed administration agents and brokers that work with us in collaboration. As a company, we represent growth, and we work hard to manage an outstanding balance between all our drivers and dispatchers. We focus on assigning a maximum of 4 trucks to a single dispatcher so that we can offer excellent customer services.

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